A Crooked Number

A Crooked Number book cover

A Crooked Number is a vivid novel of self-discovery.

A Crooked Number tells the rich and tender story of Grant and Kate's coming-of-age and their journey as they fall in love and share the dreams that hold their lives together. This is a unique and powerful chronicle of young lives and the events that shape them - friendship, school, family, and even amateur baseball. Jorgenson brings the book to life with consistent pathos and humor.

Jorgenson's third novel revisits the distinctive, endearing characters that hooked readers of the award-winning Waiting for White Horses with a mix of masterful storytelling and unforgettable images.

"Baseball and dentistry... that is a unique double play combination."
Joe Garagiola


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In Jorgenson’s latest, undeniably sweet novel, Grant Thorson, a young dental student, meets and marries Kate Bellows, a beautiful young professor of dentistry. After the tragic loss of their first child, they open their dental practice in a small town and eventually have another baby, Ingrid. While this idyllic life suits them, Grant misses the baseball he played as an undergraduate. With Kate’s blessing, he joins the town team, the Walleyes. Grant quickly becomes on of their most valuable players and helps take the Walleyes to the state championship and a brief taste of glory, and becomes a local baseball legend. The novel covers decades of ground easily, the love and devotion of Grant and Kate leaps off the page, and the supporting charters are deftly drawn.