Waiting for White Horses

Waiting for White Horses book cover

Waiting for White Horses, set in the tall pines of northern Minnesota's spectacular lake country, is a story of trusted friendship, loss and recovery, love and redemption.

The enduring friendship between Grant Thorson and Will Campbell is all that sustains Grant through a series of painful losses as the seasons pass. When Grant finds love in the arms of a beautiful woman it seems that happiness is once again within reach for him. But he is forced by yet another tragedy to reassess the high price he must pay for his dreams. From Minnesota to the White House, Grant must find a way to embrace the sometimes bitter struggle that is life.

If we are lucky, we all learn to wait for white horses... it's how we come to understand, through laughter and tears, the real value of the love of our lives.


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Waiting for White Horses is a romantic novel for both men and women (a macho chick book?). Yes, that’s what it is. Take a sportsman who has experienced the untimely loss of a wife and father to devastating illnesses; add an old flame and a new love interest plus the very best of a male hunting buddy. Then mix with some of the best descriptions and philosophies of duck hunting and fishing. Finally cook with the seasoning of emotional conflict, misguided misunderstandings between a father and his maturing daughter, and the flavorings of the Northern Midwest and Washington DC with its politics. What comes out of the literary oven is one of the most interesting and touching novels I’ve had the pleasure to review.

The author is an experienced journalist and, more importantly, one heck of an outdoors sportsman. He manages to balance an understanding of man’s natural hunter psyche with a sensitivity for women’s emotional needs. There is something for everyone, even dog lovers. His characters are real and understandable. His use of dialogue definitely captures the nuances of the regions. His settings are very visual. An added plus is a superbly designed book cover and a gorgeous interior design of the book.


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